Normally I charge up to $75 for an hour long fitness coaching session with me. Four weeks worth of coaching, 5 days a week, would cost you up to $1500. This program will save you a ton of money from what it would cost to be a private client of mine. In addition, think of all of the frustration you usually have of waiting for equipment at the gym, or worse yet, not knowing how to use the equipment or what exercises you should be doing. You won’t have that frustration anymore with this camp.

the location:
All camps will be held at Lee Park off Lemmon Ave and Turtle Creek Blvd.
You will be sent directions immediately upon signing up.

the schedule:

Monday through Thursday
6:00 to 6:45 pm

the fees:
Unlimited classes for the month for $189/month. That’s only a little more than $6 per day.
Click here to activate your free 2 week $1 trial.

the instructors:
All camps will be taught by Scott Colby, Tally Roberson and Matt Unthink.
Click here to learn more about each of them.

You will get results, and you will have fun!