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“When I started Scott’s Fitness Camp in June 2005 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I was overweight and I have never been athletic.

In less than a year I have lost over 61 pounds and 26 inches by attending classes regularly and following a reduced calorie meal plan.

Now I run, look forward to class days and I love to shop for clothes!  I am amazed at my progress during each 4-week session.  My strength has increased, I have more endurance and I have muscles!

T he bottom line for any fitness regimen is that an individual has to find what personally works for their style and goals.
Scott’s camps work well for me since they follow a weekly schedule and force me to be accountable; the workouts are different every class, and I get encouragement not only from Scott, but from other camp members.

One of the best things about Outdoor Fitness Camp is that Scott works with each of us at our own fitness levels – allowing us to work within our own abilities.  We have a great amount of respect and offer support to each other.  I hope to meet you in the next class session!”

Katie before-after1

– Katie
“Following many life changing circumstances, I woke up one morning and realized  that my once svelte figure had become that of a clinically obese person. Being over 50, I was unsure what my body was capable of achieving in terms of fat loss or physical endurance but I was willing to attempt whatever I needed to do in an effort to regain control of my fitness and physical appearance.

One fateful afternoon, I saw Scott Colby walking across a parking lot with a stability ball and asked him if he was a trainer and what qualifications he had. Dazzled by his litany of academic achievements, I began training with him on a one-on-one basis.  I then decided to enroll in the fitness camp dubious as to what a playground workout could do for my problem hips and abs.

After losing 4 1/4 inches from my mid-section, I am proof that Scott’s outdoor fitness camp works!

The exercises are challenging and effective at targeting the areas I most needed to reduce. The environment of being on the playground makes the workout feel like play.  Sharing the experience with new friends and laughter has made the training sessions something I look forward to and not dread. Since I began my weight loss solution with Scott I have gone from a size 1X to  6-8-10…. and it was healthy and painless.  I feel like I did in my thirties! Scott’s expertise and encouragement have made the difference in hoping for the results I had wished for, and actually attaining them.  I encourage everyone to join us on the playgound.  We’re having a ball and losing inches at the same time.”

– Jo Tiller

I have been meaning to write and tell you how much I enjoy your fitness camp and how it has changed my body and life.  I have always been athletic and did not have to worry about my weight.   I will be 36 at the end of the month and my weight gain started in my 30s.   I was packing on about 5 lbs each year.   In 2005 my husband and I started cycling and then last year I started training with Run On.  With those activities I stopped the weight gain, but I was not losing inches or weight.

January 1, 2008, I decided it was time to make the change.  I started keeping a food diary, continued to cycle and did some weight training in gym.  Before starting boot camp,  I had lost 20 lbs.   Even with the weight loss, I was thinner but did not have any real upper body or core strength.   Sarah Jones invited me to your boot camp and the rest is history.   I am so impressed with you and your camp.   I have felt comfortable there since Day 1 and the results are amazing.   It really hit home when I saw a finish line photo from a recent 15K.  My arms had definition and I looked so much stronger.  I compared it to the photo from my half marathon last November and I do not even look the same.

There are still a few areas that I would like to tone up around my hips and that will come in time.   Thanks for making exercise fun and teaching how to do things the healthy way. It does make a difference!

Jennifer Dutschmann
I am an avid fan of Scott’s Fitness Camp for Women. I started attending the camp last fall and I am definitely hooked! I love that the workouts are challenging and different each day of camp.

Scott does a great job making the camp a fun, supportive environment, and adapting it to all fitness levels. The attendees are all very encouraging of each other and that is a huge ‘plus’ when you are working out at 6am!

Since I started taking the camp, I have noticed an increase in my strength, stamina and energy; as well as an increase in tone and a decrease in inches. I strongly recommend Scott’s Fitness Camp for Women to anyone looking for an intense, varied and fun workout that doesn’t require a gym membership.

Cinda McDonald

After two years of having a gym membership and not seeing any results, I was looking and actually praying for answers on why I was still so heavy. I knew I had a sweet tooth. I knew PBJ’s & “small” bowls of sugar filled cereal were not the best thing to munch on at midnight, but hey it was OK because I would go to the gym the next day. I could not have been more wrong.

On Saturday July 11th I received an email from Scott Colby for two free weeks of his womens only boot camp. At first I thought this is an answer to my prayer. Then came the fear of being the only big girl there followed by excuses. (Who will watch my 2 year old? Wow that’s about a 20 minute drive each way. Do I really have the time for this?) I told my Mom about it and gave her a few more excuses as to why I couldn’t and she looked at me and said “Is your health worth it?” BAM! There was my answer. I had to do this. It’s free for two weeks so if I hate it or am surrounded by super athletes it didn’t cost me anything but my time.

My first class was really great. Scott and Matt were super nice & encouraging. The women I met were very friendly and encouraging as well.

I was hooked my first night at boot camp.

When I came home my brother asked me how was it? He said I looked really happy and sweaty. I WAS happy. I had a euphoric feeling for a couple of hours after camp. I thought I CAN do this. It felt good to know if I chose to continue I would be supported by not only my husband but my instructors and the women who attend camp.

The next day I looked at all the material that was sent to me after I signed up. There were meal plans, smoothie receipes, exercises I could do here at home, a 7 day detox, and an ebook that opened my eyes to everything I was doing wrong. I don’t feed myself or my family a lot of junk but we do eat out at least twice a week. You wont see soda or a lot of processed food in our house. I cook a lot of chicken and turkey. It’s rare that we eat red meat or pork. There are always fruits & veggies to snack on.

I started the Seven Day Belly Fat Blasting Detox System July 16 and after the first day I lost 1 1/2 pounds. The detox is very simple. My insides actually feel clean. My sweet tooth is gone because of all the different fruits I’m eating everyday. I’m never starving or have hunger pains.

The first three days was really tough and an eye opener to how out of shape I actually am. Going to the gym for the last two years only helped maintain my weight not lose it. I actually gained weight because I was so hungry after my workout. I was eating all the right things at the wrong times.

Friends have asked if the diet part is hard. It’s not really a diet. It’s changing your eating habits.

Clarissa Salazar Dyson